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Why I am Here

The anxious child can make parents equally anxious.  But reading children stories can be beneficial.  Here is news about two story books I've written that received 5 Star reviews,  with more good kids books on the way, to help solve that  dilemma.

What I am Willing to Do

I will work hard to help deliver  solutions for parenting the younger child.  I believe that bonding should begin right from the start, and I will strive to provide avenues on this website that will help to ensure better bonding through the toddler years and beyond.   

What I Can Do For You

I want to promote your ability as a Mom or Dad to stay bonded and have fun with your toddler.   

So, next, on this website you will find two books that can make a difference !   

There will be more books here too in the near future, and for now please a look at these, and if you have any questions, please give me a call.  Ann Marie Hannon, B.S., M.S.  Contact number 410-245-5502   

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Puffy  is a "youngster" kitten who learns there is no place like home.  It's a perfect book about being restless.

 If you like this book you can find the soft or hard cover version on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.



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Book Review for Puffy

I am also very grateful for having received an "Outstanding" from the 2013 Writers' Digest SFB Awards.

Here is the review from one of the judges:

“"Puffy and the Formidable Foe" is an easy to read book about a youngster who goes out to play, then leaves home, and learns what a mistake that is. It also promises loads of fun and enjoyment for everyone in the family since Mom and Dad will be grateful for Puffy's important message about straying away from home. Brother or sister will enjoy reading this book aloud, with words that rhyme after each line. Toddlers will thrill in the happy, colorful illustrations and listening to this story based on true life events.

"Puffy and the Formidable Foe" offers parents a super way to make children aware and quickly sense the danger in roaming and meeting up with a stranger.

It's definitely an upbeat and provocative story that can find a place in every reader's heart.

Book Review for All About A Boy

I am very honored to have received a  5 STAR rating for All About A Boy Who Was Afraid of the Dark from Reader's Favorite. 

My whole idea in writing this book is also very well represented by Mr. Magnus.  

I also have a wonderful associate who is already providing this book to Moms with children who may have this worry.  My associate runs a day care center, and the book has been very well received. 

So here is that review


Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

All About A Boy Who Was Afraid of the Dark: And How He Got Over It is a storybook for children, grades K-3, written by Ann Marie Hannon. 

It is a simple and beautiful story about a frightened child and his big sister who makes everything all right again. 

Hannon includes lively and colorful illustrations that make the story come alive. 

While geared toward primary school-aged readers, this is a grand book for story time as it explains the darkness to children in an unusually perceptive and rational way. 

All About A Boy Who Was Afraid of the Dark: And How He Got Over It will warm the hearts of young readers and those adults lucky enough to read along with them. It's highly recommended.


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News about this Website

My Book "All about a Boy" has also been highlighted on the www.anxioustoddler.com website under books about worry.  This website is hosted by a well respected therapist for kids with anxieties.  Her name is Natasha Daniels and   she created Anxious Toddlers to offer support and guidance for parenting kids through all ages and stages of life. She is a Child Therapist who specializes in child anxiety and OCD. When she is not in her practice, she is soaking up her three children, who teach her more about life and parenting than anyone else. That view is something I totally agree with.  I found so much to learn about life and parenting with my three children who are now adults.  To read more about Natasha click on her site.  


If you have a question just contact me using the easy and user friendly contact page at the end of this website.

All About A Boy Who Was Afraid of the Dark (and how he got over it)


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A unique story to help through problem solving and told in an easy to understand way.  Mom or Dad will love reading this e-book to their youngster.  

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More Great Parenting Books Will be Coming

BUT FOR NOW, here is The Boy Who Was Afraid of the Dark as a FREE e-book.  If you and your child or children like this one.  

The hard and soft cover versions of this book are available on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com   

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